There is one very essential thought we must make the people of this country conscious of. It is that if this United States goes into bankruptcy, as it must if it keeps on its present course, that is the point at which all their so-called life of security is destroyed and along with it shall disappear every vestige of their freedom to think and act. Because when that day comes, as come it will unless all of us do a far greater job than we are now doing to get the facts to the people far beyond our own circle, there will be complete regimentation with a police state controlling all thinking and acting as well as the social and economic structure of the nation. Then it will be too late. It is well that we keep in mind that the difference, if any, between the terms “communism” and “socialism” is one of degree — only a variance in the extent of the persecution tactics and police power used to enforce the controls which are basic to the working of the communist-socialist state. The Russians call themselves socialists. The name of their country is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.